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Bridal party question: HELP!!!!!!!!!

My fiance has three sisters. I am close to one of them.
i asked them all before we were engaged to be apart of my party as i had never really thought of getting married.
so my mom brought up that i don't HAVE to ask them all. I feel as though it's too late and i don't want bad blood. I would like to have my friends, but at the same time, I feel trapped. I don't mind them beingin my party. Sure I prefer my friends  but, still.
I don't think I should have to do a set up
i want my fiance to ask them would they have me or their friends. if they say their friends, then he could say ok, so when she asks you not to be, be understanding. but IDK.
The other problem is my mom. she's hounding me about asking them not to be and having friends instead saying "you'll regret it" over and over, and she's butt hurt about his nephew and sister being junior bridesmaid and groomsmen.
I'm so ffrustrated i am mentally heading north to vegas already.

ANY advice would be nice.
I am torn literally. I do want friends. Is it too late to ask them not to be?

I did ask one over the phone not to be via message, then said I don't know yes be one. and so I don't know if thats too late.


Wedding Wishes

Hi there,

My name is El, I'm 27 and a bride-to-be. I'm also a web developer and in the process of setting up a wedding community website called "Wedding Wishes" at

I'm looking to get the ball rolling and encourage some communication on the forums before I actually launch the site, and as such, I'd love to invite the community to join for free and even receive a couple of freebies I picked up while doing some marketing for work. There's a fantastic ebook worth $40 that you can download for free that claims to save you thousands. Not sure how accurate that is in practice, but I've read it and it is actually really good... and really very free!

Anyway, I'd love to see all of you over at Wedding Wishes to claim your membership and free goodies. Feel free to add my personal journal or message me if you have any questions or need a hand.

I apologise if some of you got caught in a cross-post or if this isn't an appropriate intro. Mods - please delete this message if you feel it lacks value to the community.

Wonderful to meet you all,